Thursday, April 7, 2011

Defining Success

Success is a very subjective term.  We throw it around all of the time.  There is an invisible standard somewhere that supposedly determines for everyone what it is.  But, I have my own definition and I would like to share it with this group.  Success, for me, has nothing to do with the number of degrees one has or how much money you make.  It is reflected in the kind of life I live.  It means I can get my day started when I need to get it started.  It means I have time to exercise most days if not everyday.  It means I am capable of being with the people I want to be with, comfortably.  I can work as hard as I feel I need to or not.  I am capable of having as much fun as I can with the people in my life or by myself.  Of course, it also means I have enough money to pay my bills, save for retirement and buy the things I need and some of the things I want.  I can travel as little or as much as I'd like.  I am not afraid.

What do you think?

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